Stretch Your Soul

My WHY: To Be a Container for Connection


Connection to the MIND....To press pause and amplify awareness by looking courageously within. 

Connection to the BODY....To explore the unbounded potential of your power through soulful movement and intentional breath.

Connection to the HEART...To give yourself permission to crack your heart open, rock vulnerability and feel all the feels.   

Connection to the SOUL...To show up and embrace yourself exactly as you are in the moment. 

Connection to HUMANNESS...To not take yourself too seriously and accept the invitation to feel fully alive. 


Upcoming Classes


All Levels Flow - 10:00am every Saturday at She Collective


Real talk...

When my dear friend took me to my first yoga class, I was resistant. I had all sorts of excuses and as I rolled my mat out and sat down I remember telling myself that this just wasn’t for me. Wall up, no chance of it coming done. Then something happened to me in that seemingly normal class. It wasn’t an Oprah ‘aha’ unicorn bursting moment but rather a subtle shift. For the first time, I felt my breath and it was a catalyst in connecting my mind, body and soul. I was in the thick of my own rumble- wanting to control everything, aiming for perfect and searching outside myself for all the answers. That class woke me up.

Since that day, I have come to rely on this practice. It has shown me that what happens on the mat mirrors life. It takes us to our edge and invites us into the discomfort to show us what it means to feel fully alive.  It continues to show me that when we move, breathe and stretch our soul-we connect with who we really are. 

I completed my 200 Hour Level Yoga Teacher Training with Awake to My Soul by Ylonda Rosenthal-Greene.  My classes are designed with a blend of yin and vinyasa flow and all soul. I create a brave space for students to show up and give themselves permission to do, be or feel whatever they need in order to feel connected mind, body, and soul.