The truth is, everything you need is already within you. The answers, the direction, the ideas, the wisdom-it cannot be found outside yourself, it can only be found within. But it takes dedicated space and showing up in order for it to reveal itself to you.

REVEAL is an online, seasonal workshop series designed for you to explore the unknown and make it known. Each season we will connect and seek out within the answers to some deep, soul stirring questions.  This space is a container for you to be curious and courageous about how you want to live your life. You’ll find clarity by allowing the answers you already hold within to come forth and reveal themselves to you.


The Details:

  • Dates for 2019: January 23rd, April 17th, August 14th, November 20th, 8:00pm Eastern Standard Time (dates for 2020 will be added Fall 2019)

  • 90 minute LIVE Zoom call (can be accessed on a phone/tablet/laptop) with a recording emailed to participants afterwards

  • Connect with like-hearted women worldwide

  • Receive a themed journal guide delivered to your inbox

  • Bring a journal, an open mind and a curious soul

  • Purchase a la carte or buy a season pass

  • Rolling admission-start with the season you are in and then proceed with all 4 when you sign up for the season pass.



How do I want to feel?

Reveal how you want to feel each day and begin to center your goals on what generates those feelings.



What do I want to create?

Reveal the vision you wish to create for your life and begin to inspire action to bring that vision to life.



How do I want to show up?

Reveal how you want to be seen and heard and begin to bravely step forward in that truth of who you are.



What do I need to shed?

Reveal what needs to be shed in order to make space for the possibilities to unfold before you.