Fun fact: There are 7 billion human heartbeats on this planet…and every single one of us have setbacks, failures, moments of uncertainty, flaws and fears.  How comforting to know we are not alone!

When those human moments happen, we have two choices: to derail or prevail.  We can build a wall around us made up of our fears and doubts OR we can activate our power and break through it.  I have found in my own soul connect journey that my power lies in choice and there is so much comfort in knowing it is always at my disposal.

The choice to begin again is always there for you to access again, and again, and again.


This guide outlines 5 essential tools I use everyday to help press pause and begin again. 

Whether this is something you reach to at the start of each new month or you tap into it when you have had "one of those days"- this guide is meant to be a gentle landing ground for you to restore your S O U L. 


The path to soul connection is one you have to walk yourself, but you don't have to do it alone.  I would love nothing more than to support and celebrate YOU as you step into your power and stretch your soul with this guide.  Tag me in your posts at @soulconnectmovement  and use the hashtag #reclaimwhatsreal