RECLAIM is an online coaching + connection experience designed for you to awaken your personal power and live life on your own terms.   This 8 week program provides you guidance, authentic connection, and practical tools to know yourself on a whole new level so you can show up unapologetically and #reclaimwhatsreal in your life.

Program Overview

Each week is focused on reclaiming who you are and what you want so you can live aligned in that power and allow possibility to freely flow into your life.  You will challenge your fear stories so you can begin to clear a path for what is needed to come undone in order to awaken that authentic power within. You gotta know it to own it. This individual journey offers specially curated space to surround yourself with like-hearted humans who get it and will uplift + inspire you along the way.

I have the tools necessary to reclaim my space and energy to where I need them to be-and for the first time in my life, I don’t feel bad or guilty about it as I know this is where I need to be in order to be my best self!
— Allison T.

What's Included

  • Intentionally designed RECLAIM journal guidebook with weekly prompts and tools delivered right to your inbox.

  • 8 LIVE Zoom recorded Coaching + Connection Calls with the group where we will dive deeper into the work as well as share eye contact + all the 'me too’s' (note: all calls will be recorded for you to come back + listen)

  • Access to the members only Reclaim Facebook group to continue the connection, share insights and CELEBRATE it all.

  • *NEW* Weekly Office Hours where I will be available to you LIVE on the private FB group to answer any questions, work through any sticky spots and offer some on the spot coaching just for YOU.

  • Opportunity to have a Soul Sister accountability partner for radical support + deepened connection.

  • A unique and specially curated space for you to be you, do you, for YOU.

The RECLAIM experience was so transformative for me. I learned so much from the women who took this journey with me and am so grateful to have had this space to reconnect to my voice and the values that I should be infusing in my daily life.
— Brittany C.

What to Expect

This program was designed for you to navigate your own journey all while having a community to lean on and celebrate each other along the way. We are all human and life can be unexpected.  RECLAIM is a program that is meant to meet you where you are at all while providing you a supportive structure that will empower you to take the steps needed to fully embrace your being and live life on your own terms.   

With that being said, you can take this program at your own pace as all calls will be recorded and materials provided to support your own evolution.  It is time to take radical responsibility to explore yourself first and awaken to your truth and how you want to show up in the world.

The one thing I worked on reclaiming was my boundaries. I am a people pleaser and often stretch my boundaries too far in more than one way. The RECLAIM program helped me understand what I need in order to have my battery charged & still serve those around me. This was BEYOND huge for me!
— Laura P.

Count me in as interested for 2019!

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