Monthly Gatherings

A space for you to be YOU.


When you show up as yourself, you inadvertently give others the permission to be themselves too. Then it’s just humans connecting as humans- that’s as real as it gets. We can break the surface and create authentic connection all while not taking ourselves so seriously + alllll the belly laughs. It’s about surrounding yourself with people who will celebrate AND elevate you.  We are redefining how women connect. 


Next Gathering: August 21st

Join the signature Soul Connect gatherings at She Collective in 2018.  This space is for you if you are craving to be surrounded by uplifting and supportive humans while talking about meaningful topics all while enjoying drinks, food and belly laughs.  This isn't a networking or support group, this is a monthly opportunity to disconnect in order to reconnect with yourself. No judgment, gossip or frills-just real talk, real connection in a really soul-full way.  

Pre-requisites to join:  Be human. Leave your to-do list at the door. Have an open mind + heart.

Fee: $10. All proceeds go directly to She Collective to support community programming. Beverages + light snacks are provided.

Not in the Cleveland area?  Learn more about how we are redefining how women connect and learn how you can start your own gathering here


What can I expect?

It’s a little ambiguous, and that’s not an accident.

Each time we gather it is different. You’ll know what it all means by the way you feel when you leave. Our monthly gatherings are a special space for you to be YOU. We show up with open hearts, a willingness to lean in and give ourselves permission to take what we need from this time carved out just for ourselves. There is food + beverages, laughter and storytelling, eye contact and yes, hugs over handshakes. We don’t do judgment (of self or others) or surface level connecting. This isn’t a yoga class, a networking event or a support group.

This is real women, having real conversations, creating real connection.


What is She Collective?

Soul Connect is honored to be partnering with our soul sister Samantha Walters, owner + founder of She Collective who offers her yoga studio space to host our monthly gatherings. We adore the mission of She Collective and we are thrilled to be able to support the incredible programming they offer to girls + women. 

She Collective is meant as a space for women and girls to explore that sense of self-doubt, that disconnection from their bodies, and to discover new and powerful ways to connect with themselves through their bodies. Through yoga + movement, retreats + adventure, community + education, they hope to give all women and girls in Cleveland the space and the opportunities to learn about themselves in new ways and to become the presiding geniuses of their own bodies. 


How we got here...

2 years ago, I started the new year with a tiny mad idea: a redefined girl’s night out. What if I created space for women to connect that wasn’t centered on networking or wellness but rather real authentic connection?

I was craving this kind of real connection. I wanted to be a part of a community where you could show up as yourself and feel like you’re being seen, heard and more importantly like you belong. No prerequisites, no judgments (of self or others) no frills-just real talk with real women. I wanted to redefine how women connect so community could replace competition-where you left feeling elevated and celebrated.

That February I held my first gathering in my friend’s living room and 15 women showed up unsure of what to expect but really open to what was coming. That first gathering was magic because it showed me that other women like me were craving this kind of space to connect not just to themselves but to each other. That’s where this movement was born.




16511 Hilliard Rd. Lakewood, OH 44107 (corner church on Hilliard + Woodward - enter front door)


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