In a world of surface level relationships and conversations that avoid getting to our truths, Katie has the ability to connect with you in a way where you feel truly heard and while you are with her, that you are in a place where you belong. Through her Gatherings she creates a loving space for women to come together and be real. Katie is hands down one of the most beautiful people inside and out and with her guidance as you step out and own who you you really are, you will be forever changed. I know I have.
— Brittany Cochran
Working with Katie was deeply validating, soul-nourishing, and completely transformational. Setting soul-centered goals was totally new for me. It was the first time that I had goals about how I wanted to feel, and I really liked the new framing. I left sessions feeling inspired and eager to get started. It also set the tone for how I make decisions - I now consider how I feel and how I want to feel when making decisions and it has really made for a more empowering experience of my life. The work Katie is doing is revolutionary, and so, so important.
— Brittany Park

Soul Connect Gatherings have been a welcome shock to my system, forcing me out of my comfort zone in the best way possible. With the help of Katie and this wonderful group of women, I have given myself permission to be the best version of myself, breaking down walls and barriers that prevent me from recognizing my true self. I’m grateful for Katie and Soul Connect for enlightening me and encouraging me on my journey.
— Allie Wojtkun

Working with Katie the last couple of months has been such a gift. I have come so far in such a short amount of time. By working with Katie, I was able to realize how fear was holding me back in so many areas of my life. On our first call, I was scared to say what I really wanted. I was so afraid that she would think my dreams were silly, or that I was seriously unqualified for them. But Katie is unconditionally supportive, and was so affirming, kind, and authentic. She carefully guided our conversations so that I could reveal what I really wanted in life and what I needed to do to get there. But she didn’t just assign me a long list of stuff to do, her direction empowered me to get there on my own.
— Stephanie DeLacy

Thank you a thousand times Katie for holding the space for me to learn and grow and reminding me that my time is mine and I have the power to create my own space. It was hard for me as a giver and a nurturer to not be in that role and let some guards down and allow someone else to hold space for me but it was really awesome to have that experience.
— Natalie Clark

I would highly recommend coaching for anyone looking to learn about themselves and prioritize their own needs. Katie provides an environment that encourages self-exploration and acceptance.
— Erin Greene

This was my very first experience with a life coach and she was the perfect fit for me. Katie was insightful and kind and always made sure to call me out when I was putting myself down. Katie helped me realize what I truly wanted out of my goals and pushed me beyond my boundaries. I would recommend Katie to anyone who is ready to make some serious changes.
— Kayleigh Maryon