Katie is unconditionally supportive, and was so affirming, kind, and authentic. She carefully guided our conversations so that I could reveal what I really wanted in life and what I needed to do to get there. But she didn’t just assign me a long list of stuff to do, her direction empowered me to get there on my own.
— Stephanie DeLacy

Holds Space

Thank you a thousand times Katie for holding the space for me to learn and grow and reminding me that my time is mine and I have the power to create my own space. It was hard for me as a giver and a nurturer to not be in that role and let some guards down and allow someone else to hold space for me but it was really awesome to have that experience.
— Natalie Clark


I would highly recommend coaching for anyone looking to learn about themselves and prioritize their own needs. Katie provides an environment that encourages self-exploration and acceptance.
— Erin Greene

The perfect fit for me.

This was my very first experience with a life coach and she was the perfect fit for me. Katie was insightful and kind and always made sure to call me out when I was putting myself down. Katie helped me realize what I truly wanted out of my goals and pushed me beyond my boundaries. I would recommend Katie to anyone who is ready to make some serious changes.
— Kayleigh Maryon