If you’re going to hang here, there’s something you should know...

Personal growth can have two paths: the comfortable smooth surface or the rugged transformational terrain.  If you want to skim the surface and stay in that warm, cozy space of a comfort zone then by all means, do you. But just so you know, that’s not this space.

I know it feels good to slide on a sleek surface of good vibes only and living your best life. I wish I could hang out there all day too. When it comes to courage or comfort- I aim for courage. Courage is the water that helps you grow. And if you’re growing your living. Hell yes it’s messy and hard but it’s also beautiful and real. It’s living fully alive. It’s being human.

I am here for the badass babes who aren’t buying into the glossy smooth surface. The ones who are craving real and eager to see the human side of this work. That my friend is what you’ll find here.

Here are all the coaching offerings available to help you awaken your power and design a life on your own terms…


Restore Your Soul Guide

A practical tool guide to help you pause, reset and begin again in any moment. This is for any woman who is seeking to practice moving away from fear with more ease and courage. Embrace your humanness with this self study journal guide.


Reveal Series

An online, seasonal workshop designed to allow the answers within to reveal itself to you. This is for any woman who is seeking clarity and direction to navigate her life. Uncover who you are and what you really want with this explorative series.


Reclaim Program

An 8 week online program that provides guidance, connection + practical tools. This is for any woman who desires to go below the surface, come alive to her power and reclaim it. Discover what living life on your own terms is all about.