I am not here to empower you...


I am here to create a space for you to come alive to the power you already have within you.

Because friend, you are powerful beyond measure.

Our soul is our true, authentic self; our divine essence; who we are after we shed the masks, the expectations, the perfectionism, the fear, the doubt.  


Soul Connect Coaching takes traditional goal setting and turns it on its head.  We get to the heart of the matter: how you want to FEEL and WHY. Then through crafting {goals with soul} that make you feel lit up paired with inspired action, YOU come alive to the power you already have within to transform your life.  It all starts with saying YES to living life on your own terms.

Soul Connect Coaching may be right for you if:

  • You feel an unsettledness, a call for something MORE.

  • You are SO over the masks, comparison game, and fear based BS that is getting in your way of showing up authentically.

  • You are tired of playing small and ready to harness your personal power.

  • You want to ditch the overthinking, perfectionism and self limiting beliefs.

  • You are craving to start living life on your own terms.

  • You are ready to start showing up more YOU in all areas of your life.



As a coach, think of me as your {why finder}

Someone who will hold space for you to explore and find your why and help guide you to connect with it deeper so you can live in alignment with it. Getting clear on your why is a practice that can help you press pause and get real with yourself in order to start living a life on your own terms and no one else’s. 

Our {why} isn’t just one thing. It’s a collective of truths that when extracted and linked together to create a foundation for which we stand tall on. Our {why} is what makes us feel alive and aligned with our soul. Our {why} is what fuels our fire, cultivates our courage and draws us back when we veer off course.We all have our own {why} even if you can name it or not, it’s there. And it’s always transforming, giving us the opportunity to explore and discover new ways to connect with it.

It all starts with the willingness to ask yourself {why} and keep asking until it reveals itself to you.


Soul Mapping

90 MINUTES $90

Soul Values are the driving force behind why you do what you do.  When you get clear on what you value, then you can start to set visions, goals and intentions each day that are aligned with your soul.  And when you live in alignment with your soul, you begin to shift into your power, thus creating a life you love. How cool is that???

This one time, 90 minute session will help you gain clarity on your soul values and get grounded in this foundation in which you can navigate your life. This session includes: Soul Mapping Guide to be completed prior to the 90 minute Skype call.



Soul Connect Coaching Series 

3 months $500 • 6 months $1,000 {Payment plans available}

This is about creating space for you to awaken to the possibility of what life might be like when you live soul connected so you can show up each and every day more YOU.  This series is for you if you are seeking to give up what no longer serves you in order to get clear on who you are and what you want. If you are craving courage, soul alignment and the support and accountability- then this is your space to get possible.

This coaching series has 2 tracks: 3 months (6 sessions) or 6 months (12 sessions).  These packages include: Reawaken: A Journal Guide to Soul Connection, 1 hour bi-weekly Skype or phone calls, tailored tools to tap into along your journey, email support + accountability, access to the private Soul Connect Tribe Facebook group plus some special extras from me to you!



Goals With Soul

3 sessions - $200

Let's redefine goal setting, shall we??? Setting Goals with SOUL is about getting clear on how you want to feel in order to start creating inspired action to get you to where you want to be.  Goals with soul aren't about ignoring the dream, it's about uncovering the {why}. Because getting clear on WHY you want what you want opens you up to so much more possibility. We will challenge the fears and help you unravel what is needed to come undone in order to ignite your energy to show up and go after what you want to create.  Your goals can be short term or visionary-whatever they may be, I will guide you in crafting goals that are powerful, inspiring and light YOU up. This is the perfect series for you if you know what you want but need some clarity + vision  to help you pave the way. 

This is a 3 session series that includes: Goals With Soul Workbook, 3 Skype or phone calls, Email Support + Accountability and Follow up 30 minute celebration call.


Looking to bring this work to your team, organization or studio?

Soul Connect's signature blend of Coaching + Connection led by founder Katie Kurtz creates space for groups to explore who they are all while creating authentic connection with one another. Through Katie's rich experience in group work and leadership development, she is able to create a specifically curated experience to hold courageous conversations that can be tailored to what you are specifically looking to focus on.