Soul Fuel: February

Happy March soul sisters!  What do you do when a new month rolls around?  Set new intentions? Create a goal?  Keep trudging along?  

I like to take the first day or so of the month to reflect on the previous month since this day always sneaks up on me!  I then look at the month ahead of me and try to find {space}.  Space for me to rock my values (which are connection, service, authenticity, space-obvi, and movement), room to unplug and practice pause, and openness to allow flow take place.  

New month means the Tribe Talk will be hitting your inbox and I want to share with you what is currently feeding my soul and lighting me up as we head into this new month. I share a lot of inside deets in my monthly Tribe Talk newsletter so be sure to get yourself on that list! 

Moon Deck Cards // I fell in love with these gorgeous cards when I was in Ojai, California on the Rock Your Bliss Retreat.  Jacki Carr let us use her deck and I was hooked.  These beautifully illustrated cards offer different types of pulls as well as a corresponding inspired action for each card.  If you follow me on Instagram you'll find me pulling cards for you sporadically on my story feed!

Succulent Plants // Fact:  I am not one that keeps plants alive...or keep plants in general.  But recently I have been feeling really deep calls to connect with nature and so I have been honoring and exploring those feelings by picking up some of those cute potted succulents from the grocery store.  These little green buds are hanging in both of my offices and adding a little extra breathing room to my space! 

Building Bold // I connected with Nikki via Instagram and signed up for her 30 Day Self Love Writing Challenge this past month.  These daily journal prompts to my inbox have been such a great permission slip to ensure I hit up my journal daily, even if it is just to jam on one of the heart opening prompts.  Nikki is making bold moves with her mission to empower women through writing-be sure to check her out if you are craving to hit your pen to paper this month!

Hikes // Like I said, the call to get back to basics and into the woods has been real.  I have been carving out some Sunday morning time to hit the local trails  which has inspired me to launch my new group coaching + connection series, Sunday Soul Sessions. There are only 8 spots available for local CLE ladies!  But no worries sisters worldwide, online group coaching offers will be coming soon! 


Trust //  February was a whirlwind of wonderful things but it also left me feeling a little overwhelmed by so many choices and decisions to make.  Trust has definitely shown up as a major theme for me. To trust my self, my intuition and to trust the timing of my life.  Although I can and will take deliberate and inspired action to manifest what I want in my life, I also need to show up with as much trust as I do action order allow flow to happen. 

So for me, March is about allowing the seeds I have planted to start to flourish.  I started the Lightyear Leadership Level 2 course this week with my teacher + soul sister Jacki Carr who by the way is offering two upcoming Level 1 and Level 2 workshops that I highly recommend!  I am also thrilled to start an 8 week women's circle + business training with Sacred Circle Leadership this month.  Connection is what I am all about so I am eager to learn more ways to offer connection centered experiences and inspired leadership for our Tribe!

My intention: to allow more trust to flow and be open to receiving what is meant to come my way.     Talk to me about your intentions in the comments and let's bloom together! 


Katie Kurtz