Soul Sister Spotlight: Rowena Mabbott

The Soul Sister Spotlight is a celebration of women who are honoring their soul.  These women are committed to their personal journey and are willing to share it in all its realness.  This special blog feature is an expansion of the Soul Connect Tribe which is dedicated space for women who uplift, inspire and are redefining the way women connect.

Welcome Rowena!

Rowena Mabbott is a Certified Beautiful You Life & Loss Coach, writer, speaker, mother and consultant. Through her coaching practice JoyHopeLove, she works with mothers from around the world who have lost a baby and who want to honour their child by confidently living their best life; one that is full of joy, hope and love and legacy.

Let's connect with Rowena as she shares how she stays soul connected! 

I give myself permission to… be me, in all my realness. Whether this be feeling raw, feeling amazing, rocking my goals or needing time to nurture myself.  Giving myself permission to be me is the most powerful thing I can do. It means I must know myself well-enough to then know what will serve and support me, and what will not.  It’s an ongoing, life-long project, but one that continues to motivate. When I am my true, authentic self, I feel incredible! Aligned, creative, lit from within and blissfully joyful.

How do you tend to your soul? I tend to my soul by honoring what I need, when I need it. Currently, that looks like taking a daily walk in nature. If the weather does not lend itself to being outside for a walk, then I aim for at least a few minutes simply being in nature. Grounding myself and appreciating the beauty and wonder of the world. I also have a short (7-minute) yoga for the Chakras practice which can help shift my mindset and energy quickly. And of course, cups of tea. After spending time living and working in England, I love the ritual of a lovely pot of tea as a balm for almost everything.

How do you rebel against fear?  It depends on what the fear is!  Sometimes, it’s a matter of tackling it and doing it anyway. Other times, I need to sit with the fear and deeply examine why it’s coming up; perhaps there is something else that I am concerned about? Right now, my fears are great at causing procrastination. Which is frustrating me enormously!  There are tasks and activities I need to complete this week, but am finding myself spending hours doing non-urgent, unnecessary tasks instead.  So, my t-shirt drawer is very tidy, and all the washing has been done, folded and put away, but the pages, posts and articles I need to write remain undone. My soulful self is fine with drinking tea and organizing my clothing, whereas my recovering perfectionist and a type-A self, find it is a challenge to be okay with waiting and honoring the process of introspection that will, hopefully, lead to clarity and creation.

What does CONNECTION mean to you? Connection for me is what gives meaning to life. Without the relationships (family, friends) and people we are connected to, life feels uninspiring.  Connection is also about supporting and helping other women. A major part of my work is about this connection – supporting and helping other mothers who have lost a child.  Part of connection  for them is to know they are not alone; there are many, many of us who have been there and will reach out a hand of friendship and support. As sisters in life’s journey, we offer love, compassion and hope to each other as we acknowledge the pain of loss, but refuse it let it define us.  Connection with other light-workers and people who bring and share hope and kindness in the world fuels my soul too. Connection simply is the key to life.

What is your favorite quote right now that is feeding your soul? My current favorite quote is “As you focus on the joy in life, the joy expands”.  I’m not sure who said it, or if I heard it somewhere and it resonated. But I love it, and it reminds me daily to focus on the good things in life; the people I love, the places that provide a sense of sanctuary and comfort, and taking time for the activities that feed my soul and spirit.  By focusing on these things, life is beautifully full of joy.

More about Rowena...

Rowena is based in Sydney, Australia, where she lives with her husband and two boys.  She has a free e-book you can download from her website where you can also learn more about the incredibly inspiring work she is doing to support parents and promote her belief that everyone is worthy of joy, hope and love. 

You can connect with Rowena at... or @JoyHopeLove.RM or JoyHopeLove 

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