Soul Sister Spotlight: Natalie Roberts-Mazzeo

The Soul Sister Spotlight is a celebration of women who are honoring their soul.  These women are committed to their personal journey and are willing to share it in all its realness.  This special blog feature is an expansion of the Soul Connect Tribe which is dedicated space for women who uplift, inspire and are redefining the way women connect.

Welcome Natalie!  

Natalie Roberts-Mazzeo is the founder of Miracle Mama, an online sanctuary that empowers and inspires mothers who are raising special needs children. Through coaching, community, and connection, Natalie’s mission is to create a space for women to reconnect with themselves and what is most important to them. Natalie empowers and supports women to rise to the challenge of special needs parenting and to meet each day with more ease and flow.

Let's connect with Natalie as she shares how she stays soul connected!  

I give myself permission to…To honour who I am before the roles of ‘mother, wife, sister, daughter, life coach, yoga teacher etc’. To create a space for ‘me’ that is so soul-enriching and life-enhancing, that I feel fuelled on the inside so my light can shine through to the outside. I allow myself to be vulnerable, real, authentic, honest, fierce, loving, wild and free!

How do you tend to your soul?  I tend to my soul by surrounding my 5 senses with the things I LOVE, things that light me up!

Sight: I create tranquil spaces in my home with candles, art, books, flowers, a place for yoga & meditation and cozy couches for family togetherness. Or the visual bliss of walking by the sea, or in a forest, or looking at a butterfly or a sunrise/sunset, a rainbow.

Hearing: Music, from ambient beats to jazz, to world beats to dance name it depending on the mood...I love a good boogie in the kitchen! Even the sounds of birds at dawn or waves crashing, or the stillness of the calm before a storm.

Taste: I’m all things ‘organic’, love a good cook up. I love feeding my tribe with nourishing whole foods. Some mornings after a challenging night with my child, the first coffee, chai or hot lemon, ginger & honey is some of the most soulful experiences of complete aaaaahhhhhh, big breath out and surrender.

Smell: I usually have some essential oils simmering away or incense burning to connect me back, scent has such a beautiful place in my soul care. Smelling a rose or the leaves from a gum tree, or the scent of rain, or the ocean, or the forest. These smells seem to connect me back to nature, and to my own true nature too.

Touch: Cuddles with my girls Grace & Chiara are up there in my soul care. Having a child with critical health issues since birth, the power of touch has been so incredibly soul lifting. Sometimes where there are no words, touch has a beautiful way of connecting deeper.

How do you rebel against fear? I keep showing up! I have felt so much fear, especially through my recent motherhood years since my youngest daughter was diagnosed. The fear of watching her suffer and feeling helpless, the fear of not knowing how long she will be with us, the fear of her not being able to walk, talk or gain independence. I honour the role of fear has in my life, but I do not let it stop me from creating a life of freedom, miracles and magic. In a way, fear has been like a catalyst for me in some ways, to push harder towards the light and fight a little more for the things I love. 

Elizabeth Gilbert nails it here:

“Fear: I recognise and respect that you are part of this family, and so I will never exclude you from our activities, but your suggestions will never be followed. You are allowed to have a seat, and you are allowed to have a voice, but you are not allowed to have a vote. You are not allowed to touch the road maps or suggest detours; you are not allowed to fiddle with the temperature. Dude, you are not even allowed to touch the radio. But above all else, you are absolutely forbidden to drive."

What does CONNECTION mean to you? Connection to be = Sister Hood + Soul Family. It has been the major source of inspiration and support all through my life. Connection is the heartbeat force behind why I created Miracle Mama.

What is your favorite quote right now that’s feeding your soul?  “The last of human freedoms – the ability to choose one’s attitude in a given set of circumstances.” {Vicktor E. Frankl}

You can connect with Natalie over at Miracle Mama -an online sanctuary for Mums who have a child with a disability or life changing diagnosis. Miracle Mama was specifically created to help empower and uplift mothers to manage their unique life circumstances and to help them rise to the challenge of special needs parenting and to meet each day with more ease and flow.

Natalie is a qualified Yoga Teacher from the Academy of Yoga Learning and Life Coach from the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. Natalie is based in Melbourne, Australia.

Find + follow Natalie on Instagram: @_miracle_mama_ Facebook: @miraclemamacommunity

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