Soul Sister Spotlight: Meghan McCoy

The Soul Sister Spotlight is a celebration of women who are honoring their soul.  These women are committed to their personal journey and are willing to share it in all its realness.  This special blog feature is an expansion of the Soul Connect Tribe which is dedicated space for women who uplift, inspire and are redefining the way women connect.

Welcome Meghan!

Meghan McCoy is a midwest girl born and raised. Meghan loves to connect with her community through her work at lululemon athletica. She is grateful everyday to get to lead others through personal development, and vision and goals work to help them realize their greatest potential. 

Let's connect with Meghan as she shares how she stays soul connected! 

I give myself permission to... be exactly where I am. Often I am looking to the future for goals and accomplishments, sitting still and taking the time to realize that the moment I am in right now, could actually be the moment necessary for those next steps. If I am rushing and looking to far ahead I could miss it.

How do you tend to your soul? The best thing I ever did for my soul was to recognize and cultivate my soul values. It is work I have done with a company called Rock Your Bliss, and through my job at lululemon. I have 5 that truly light me up and they help guide my rituals and what I want to create for my life. Courage - Gratitude - Tribe - Movement - Nourish are my values, and each one has it’s own definition for me. By checking in with these values I can tell when I feel “off”. To get back in alignment I might need to revisit my gratitude journal, or get a good workout in. Those are the best ways I know how to tend to my soul.

How do you rebel against fear?  Fear for my often comes up as competition. And competition for me can be the more aggressive active form of comparison and self doubt. Healthy competition is fun and can build comradery in a group. When it goes down the other path however, for me, opens up that dialogue of not being good enough, and having to prove my worth via accomplishments or winning. Where I am choosing courage right now is sitting still in meditation and repeating the mantra: "my value in innate". Focusing on love and connection helps me to shift from that feeling of me vs. them. I am a recovering athlete and this feels like it will be my work for a long time. I am grateful for a supportive tribe, and resources like Soul Connect where I can be real about it.

What does CONNECTION mean to you?  I love the saying “your vibe attracts your tribe.” I feel that it gives me choice in how I show up in this world, and by showing up as my authentic self I attract those who will feel that synchronicity with me. Connection comes up for me as that “me too” feeling when someone shares something vulnerable, like a struggle, or a goal for their life. I love when I am thinking of someone and they text me an hour later, like somehow they knew. Connecting with other women has always been a special part of my life. Coming from sports teams where you really do become like sisters through your shared experience, it has been important for me to cultivate that in others ways in life. The gym, book clubs, social media groups, all have allowed me to find women all over the world to connect with.

What is your favorite quote right now that is feeding your soul?  “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” -Theodore Roosevelt

More about Meghan...

Meghan currently resides in Des Moines, Iowa, which is a small city that she has held in her heart since day one! Meghan has never met a Harry Potter book she didn’t fall in love with. And you will often find Meghan in a coffee shop writing, reading, or catching up with a friend. As well as at the gym or outside getting her sweat on and heart rate up.

You can connect with Meghan at...@meghanmccoy12

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