Soul Sister Spotlight: Bailey Opsal

The Soul Sister Spotlight is a celebration of women who are honoring their soul.  These women are committed to their personal journey and are willing to share it in all its realness.  This special blog feature is an expansion of the Soul Connect Tribe which is dedicated space for women who uplift, inspire and are redefining the way women connect.

Welcome Bailey Opsal! 

Bailey is a certified life coach and speaker dedicated to helping sensitive and ambitious women own their worth, ditch playing small, and live brilliantly.  Known for her calm and kind spirit, she helps women overcome fear, self-sabotage, and never feeling good enough so they finally get out of their own way and confidently live a life they adore. Bailey resides in Minnesota, USA but shares her message worldwide.  

Let's connect with Bailey as she shares how she stays soul connected!

I give myself permission who I truly am and completely embrace myself.

How do you tend to your soul? I tend to my soul by being active. I absolutely love to dance, run, climb, and hike because they all connect me further to who I truly am.  I light up when I am outside, feeling the wind across my face, letting the sun melt into my skin, exploring the wilderness, and filling my lungs with fresh air. 

How do you rebel against fear?  I rebel against fear by conquering it head on.  When something scares me, I do my best to tackle it right away.  I find that the more I think about it and analyze things, the greater my fear grow.  I also like to do a reality check when I am feeling fearful.  I put the situation in perspective and ask myself if it is something to get worked up or worried about. Generally when I do a reality check, I realize I am fearful, worried, or focusing too much on something that doesn't really matter. Once I realize that, it is freedom. Right now, I am choosing courage in living authentically and being totally true to myself.  As I said above, it is my intention to completely give myself permission to be exactly who I am.  Building a business around authenticity and sharing my story requires courage and a constant necessity to ground myself in who I am. 

What does CONNECTION mean to you?  Connection to me means supporting women, raising them up, celebrating the amazing woman they are, and recognizing their potential instead of comparing and competing.  As women, I believe we need to connect and support each other so that we are inspired and empowered to be who we desire to be.  Overall, I really see connection as being surrounded by people who lift you up and nurture who you are. 

What is your favorite quote right now that is feeding your soul? "What's the greatest lesson a woman should learn? That since day one, she's already had everything she needs within herself. It's the world that convinced her she did not." {Rupi Kaur}

More about Bailey...

Bailey is the creator of the e-book, "How To Feel Beautiful, Confident, and Worthy When You Feel Anything But" and she is dedicated to spreading her message of self-acceptance and empowerment around the world.  Bailey has a degree in biological sciences and psychology from St. Scholastica and is a proud Certified Beautiful You Life Coach.  

You can connect with Bailey at...  or @baileyopsal or Bailey Opsal

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