Connection on FIRE

Right now it's like this...

I am sitting in Los Angeles, a warm breeze is flowing through the window and I am reflecting on a truly heart opening, soul connecting trip before I head back on a plane to Cleveland. 

I spent this past weekend in Ojai, California with 20 some heartbeats who came together to create space for ourselves and one another.  Led by Mary Beth LaRue and Jacki Carr of Rock Your Bliss, this weekend was about connection: connection to our heart, to our home, and to our world. It was about slowing down, showing up, and being fully seen. And the connection created in those four days was ignited on fire by the incredible vulnerability, openness, and compassion that each woman brought forth.

When I arrived and met these new faces, it felt like hugging old friends.  Knowing you are sharing space with women who are on the same wave length, open and ready to connect and get possible is a type of magic that curates an experience that makes you truly feel like you belong.  We all immediately began talking, sharing, getting to know one another.  Through shared meals, hikes, yoga and fireside chats, we talked intentions and values. We got real and burned the bullshit beliefs that were no longer serving us in order create space to live from choice. 

I felt my value of connection on FIRE. I saw it come alive on a hike. I felt it affirmed during a fireside chat that evening. I felt it move within me during a heart opening yoga class the next morning. I saw it light up during an impromptu dance party. I witnessed it ground me in a circle as one hand pressed on my heart and the other on the heart of the Soul next to me. The human connection I felt was real, visceral, life affirming, electric and made me come alive to a new level of what this core, soul value means to me and how I show up in this world.

We were sitting in a circle after our last practice together,  knee to knee, with each hand on the back of the heart space of the woman next to us.  We breathed deeply together. We honored the space we created over the last few days. We blessed the devotional practice we shared of being fully present, feeling our hearts, and engaging in the next moment without agenda.  We felt each other's heart beat, a pulsating a life force within that connected us all together.

After that moment, our inspiring teachers shared their closing prayer for us and what was said next by Jacki was truly life altering. She shared with us how important and needed this work is, now more than ever.  This work of going within. Becoming responsible (or response-able) of how we show up in our hearts, in our relationships, and in our world.  That we need to feel to heal in order to shift into the best version of who we are. 

 We are a cause in the matter.  

We are needed to challenge what the future holds, protect our sacred space, try on new perspectives, allow all vibes always, and remind ourselves that only love is real.  We are needed to do this work in order to create a ripple effect in our world.

As I get ready to head back to post-retreat, post vacation life (I stayed around LA for a few extra days), I feel so much more grounded, like a true shift has taken place.  I was able to rest, recharge, recalibrate and reaffirm my values and vision for my life.  I hold immense gratitude to my teachers and to my Rock Your Bliss Tribe. I am so honored to have shared space with them and feel an elevated kind of joy as I head back home with new heart stretch marks.  

I belong. You belong. We belong to each other. 

{CLEVELAND HEARTS} want to experience connection on fire?  Jacki and MB of Rock Your Bliss will be back at the CLE is my OM event on Sunday, February 12th.  Join us for a celebration of community through movement, enjoy some fresh local food, drink + threads, and start crafting your personal bliss with a Rock Your Bliss coaching session.  If you're there be sure to find me and let's connect!

Katie Kurtz