A Beautiful Mess

When we set out on our recent hike for Sunday Soul Sessions, the trails were muddy and some paths were so bad we had to stop and find a different way to cross. In some areas the mud was dry and smooth, easy to walk on and in others it was so slimy I slid and almost face planted! 

The dirt below our feet was the perfect reminder that soul work gets messy.  

When we set forth to come alive + be soul connected, we have to show up and be ready to see, feel + heal the messy {It's all a part of the practice} But what if we redefined how we looked at the messy? I mean, all of us (all 7 billion heartbeats on this planet) are messy. So instead of looking at it as the dark and uncomfortable stuff we seek to hide and avoid, what if we invite it into our lives? What if we welcome it, embrace it and really figure out where the message lies in it?  

When we own that part of our story, we lessen its hold over us and strengthen our soul power. Finding the message in the mess is how we can harness our own soul power so we can show up and shine. We can throw up all our defenses (avoidance, denial, etc) to try and not see the message in the mess but my friends, it will never go away until it is seen, felt and heard. It will not go away until you take away what it is meant to teach you.  

Soul connection is meant to uncover those parts of us we hide or have forgotten.  Soul work brings forth all of the messy in order to really ensure we can take back all our power and be the badass babes we are!  The mess doesn't have to be ugly or shameful.  By reminding ourselves that we are only human and that it is okay and hell, normal to be messy, we can then give ourselves permission to really embrace it for what it is: soul fuel to help us grow. 

The messy is what makes this work so worth it.

How can you try on a new perspective to see the beauty in your own mess and really start to notice where the message lies?  Share with me and let's connect! 

Katie KurtzComment