5 Soul Connecting Podcasts

Real talk: I have been somewhat behind when it comes to the podcast scene.  

But don't worry, I am catching up!  I have loved plugging in during the day, long drives, or on a walk.  There are so many options, it can be overwhelming!  But just like my notorious book list that I keep on my phone, I have since started a podcast list.  Tons of great interviews, conversations, things to learn, ways to grow. I have found so many great episodes that have been soul stretching, courageous and inspiring...plus some great laughs and aha moments. Check out my favorite soul connecting podcasts that I am currently jamming on and please be sure to share your favs with me (so I can obviously add them to my list!)

THE BALANCED BLONDE {SOUL ON FIRE} // Jordan Younger is The Balanced Blonde who shares all things self care, wellness and passionate living.  She interviews a lot of really interesting people who are setting their soul on fire.  My favorite episode of The Balanced Blonde went live recently and it was Jordan's first solo podcast. She got raw and real about her experience with trauma and how she healed through radical self love and self care practices.  Jordan beautifully rocked vulnerability by sharing her story. This episode really shined a light on how important it is to talk about these real life experiences and share the truth behind the insta filters. I really admire her for her honesty and courage and really loved this episode.   

The Bravery Board // The Bravery Board promotes mental wellness and thriving to high performing women, creatives and those who desire growth.  The Bravery Board is hosted by Michelle Houghton, Madison Hedlund (a fellow BYCA coach, wood!), Kate Alsup, and Jenn Fortner. I love this podcast because they feature brave people talking about brave topics with a dash of different interviews and enlightening conversations.  I have been introduced to so many awesome new writers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, movers and shakers. I often suggest episode 118  to coaching clients to offer a different spin on self care and to start looking more at the musts rather than the needs or shoulds. 

Be Amplified // Coaches + entrepreneurs Bri Seeley and Thais Sky offer weekly authentic conversations with top influencers to learn their secrets to leading an inspirational + badass life.  I really love the authentic talk on this podcast and how these badass babes talk about realness of life when it can be so easy to only show the shiny parts.   Maybe I am just so pumped about Danielle LaPorte's new book but I thought the one where they spoke with the Queen D herself about about the power of being a lightworker was soooo good! 

The Priestess Podcast // My teacher Julie Parker has some amazing women on her new podcast that go into all things woo.  My inner woo girl has soaked up all these episodes and have learned so much about the divine feminine, spirituality and the goddess life.  I have binged on this podcast but my fav was when my girl Sammie Fleming talked about our feminine cycles and the power of being in sync with our cycle and how it can help us live a rich, abundant life. The way Sammie explains our cycles has been so eye opening for me and makes sooo much sense! 

Rock Your Bliss Podcast // No doubt that two of my favorite soul sisters Jacki Carr + Mary Beth LaRue made this list! They just launched their new podcast last week and it is already SO good. This dynamic duo riff about all things bliss and are bringing on awesome people like this week's interview with Rosie Acosta where they talked about two of my favorite topics: connection and finding your tribe! 

Tell me your favs below or let's connect on social media. Happy listening soul sisters! 


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