Choose to Coexist

She said, “you seem so fearless”.

I laughed and replied, “What I seem is only what you see.”

Perhaps my photos, posts, my classes, how I carry myself all make it seem to you that I’m fearless. But friend lemme tell ya, I’m not. Because as humans we can’t be fully without fear.

To deny our fears is to deny our humanness. However, we can learn to coexist with our fear. I am the first to tell you I have so many fears that ripple up each day. And I’m going to venture a guess you do too. But it’s what we choose to do with the fear that really matters.

Bravery is courage in action.


I have learned through oh so many life lessons that have shown me that I can either choose fear and stay small or choose love and be free. What’s behind the seem is someone who is showing up, leaning into this whole life experience, and continuously meeting the everyday fears with love and a whole lotta courage. It’s a constant practice in which I’m always learning new ways to dance between that power of choice and the flow of letting it go. I keep coming back to the reminder from @glennondoyle that it’s not all or nothing, it’s and/both. We can be both scared and courageous, both beautiful and messy, both perfect and a work in progress. But always gloriously human

Katie Kurtz