3 Things I've Learned As An Entrepreneur

Over the last 3ish years of this creative entrepreneurship journey, I have learned 3 key things:

1- trust your why

2- find your people

3- #reclaimwhatsreal

I’ve learned and continue to learn so much about myself and this work each and everyday. But these 3 things have been a constant foundation to help me navigate through comparison, overthinking, perfection and all the other forms of fear that manifest.

That third one has become my personal ethos.


It reminds me that we can only give ourselves permission to be human when we give ourselves permission to be ourselves. As someone who used to strive for perfection and admiration I made a commitment when I began this journey to be real-to walk my talk, to show up even when it’s hard, to speak the truth and to live this work out loud.

I’ve fumbled and fallen but I keep getting back up because I know I have a choice in the matter: to skate the surface of appearing perfect or dig into the depths and keep showing up as my perfectly imperfect self. You have a choice in the matter as well. If you want to opt for real, there is some brave heart work that comes along with that choice.

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