Truth or Dare


I played a game of truth or dare this weekend (ok multiple games) with my friends at Scare Your Soul and one of the truths was this question: what is your favorite emotion?

As a feeler + connector who loves to dive deep beyond the surface I can’t help but looove this question. But in this fun game of courage I realized some people really struggled with it and it made me think- when did I go from a feeling avoider to a feeling lover?

Lemme tell ya, I’ve done my fair share of mastering avoidance + numbing the uncomfortable. But when I started to see + feel my way through life I found myself growing and transforming into who I am. And through all that, I realized that yea it was messy and uncomfortable at times (ahem, still is) 
but this is what being alive is all about. And I don’t know about you, but as a human I want to live fully alive + therefore feel it all.

So as for me and my favorite emotion? Joy.  Joy is vulnerable, messy, and real.  Joy can be momentous and expansive. Joy can also be small, simple, and savory. Joy doesn't discount our other emotions, it honors them. So as for me, I choose joy. Friends, if you hear me say it nauseam #sorrynotsorry but you are allowed + encouraged to #feelyourfeels I know it can be scary and super uncomfortable but oh so worth it. So lean in and get to know your emotions. Find out what makes you feel most alive. Decide how YOU want to feel. And then go about extracting that feeling out of your life. Every last drop.

Marisa Vittoria