I Think We Need More Rule Breakers...


More people to see showing up as themselves as a gift rather than a risk.
More people giving life to their truth rather than letting it decompose in silence.
More people seeking to feel all the feels rather than settling for good vibes only.
More people choosing heart to heart conversations over surface-level banter.
More people opting for eye contact over screen time.
More people taking back authenticity away from a glossy primer that denies the real raw edges beneath it. 

More people who won’t settle with the status quo.
More people to see both gentle and fierce, joy and pain can all coexist.
More people seeing the beauty in the unfiltered.
More people giving themselves as much love as they give to others.
More people choosing celebration over competition.
More people standing in their power rather than giving it away.
More people willing to smash the box that convinces us we are something we’re not.

Make your own damn rules. Aim to redefine, recalibrate, rework and unlearn. Cultivate the unwavering courage to be true to YOU. You have the power within you to #reclaimwhatsreal


Marisa Vittoria