Eye Contact, Me Too’s, Life Lessons and All Those Soul to Soul Conversations


Nothing lights me up more than connection. Eye contact, me too’s, life lessons, soul to soul conversations that leave you feeling nourished and re-inspired.

I have met and connected with so many beautiful souls this year. Souls who are putting courage into action, redefining their stories, getting real with their fear and giving themselves permission to do, be or feel whatever they need. I’ve heard so many tales of unbelievable strength, kickass courage and fierce resiliency. I’ve witnessed letting go of relationships that no longer serve purpose, building new businesses with a hella amount of bravery, and small but mighty steps forward in a direction of their choosing.

These are old friends, new friends, my teachers, people in my hometown, people across the world and people I met through these squares. What each of these heartbeats have shown me is the {glorious human being} The presence and energy we each have that radiates when we get real, show up and live our truth. Embracing our humanness, laughing at ourselves, feeling the feels and coming alive to the power we each have within. I have had the great honor and privilege of bearing witness to the glorious human being, and you are all magnificent. Thank you for sharing space with me. Thank you for moving me in so many ways. Thank you for {your glorious human being} 

Marisa Vittoria