Wow, You've Changed...

I woke up this morning feeling really grateful and thinking: wow, Katie-you’ve changed.

I’ve had several moments over the last month where I’ve found myself pause in my tracks in gratitude for how far I’ve come. Not only pausing to acknowledge how much I’ve changed, but how deep that shift feels in my bones.

But what I’ve come to realize is that I haven’t really changed. I have just shed all the layers to expose who I’ve been all along. I covered myself up with the false security my fears, and over the years but especially this last, I have gently allowed these layers to fall at my feet and expose my truth.

I held tight to the old stories convincing me I was better off in putting my faith in fear and became acutely aware of how comfortable I had become with the discomfort of my pain. But I’ve freed myself from those narratives and reclaimed my story to rewrite it on my own terms.

I stood behind my fierce independence, convincing myself I could do it all and all on my own. But I’ve let go of my pride and reclaimed my ground in order to crack my heart open and allow myself to be supported.

I leaned on alcohol to help me feel more myself and to seek external validation from the world around me. But I’ve surrendered my vices and reclaimed my power and have found that through sobriety, I am more alive and powerful than ever.

I hid behind my doubts and used them as a shield to play small in fear of the power I held to actually give life to the dreams I held so deeply within me. But I’ve chosen courage and reclaimed my knowing to allow my heart to be wild, free and take up space in this world.

I may not look like the person I was in the beginning of October, of six months ago and definitely not a year ago. But I didn’t change, I evolved. I am becoming the woman I was born to be. I am allowing my truth to be seen and heard and I am continuing to learn as I grow.

I am grateful for where I have been, who I am and where I am going. Let this serve as a reminder that we are never done growing into the people we are born to be. We are always shifting and shedding in order to uncover that truth within so we can share that shine with the world.

Photo Credit: Claire Butler

Photo Credit: Claire Butler

Katie Kurtz