On Never Being Ready, Adventures and Virgo Season...

Happy September Soul Sisters! 


September is my favorite month of the year because it not only means the start of fall here in my little corner of the world (hello fall metaphors and everything apple!) but also because it is my birthday month.  September has always been the start of my new year where I reflect on the year before and get grounded in the year to come.  September is when I review my core values and see what is most aligned with my life right now. 

When I started my soul connect journey, I distinctly remember always waiting for the right time. That moment in which I would be handed a neatly folded notice from the Universe that would signify my permission to begin.  Lemme tell ya, I waited a LONG time and it never showed. You wanna know why?  

Because we will never be ready.

Fear has convinced us that we have to wait until everything is just right and then we will be ready. If fear had its way, it would have us waiting our whole lives until we are ready!  The truth is, we will never really be ready.  But what we can do is lean into love (and a whole lotta trust) in order to give ourselves permission to begin before we are "ready".  

This is exactly what I did. I finally got out of my own way and gave myself permission to just start. I didn't know where I was going or what I was doing but what I did know was that I could no longer play small. I realized that my desire to unravel the unsettledness I felt and see what I could do with the courage I cultivated outweighed the need to be ready. I knew that if I waited a second longer, I would be waiting my whole life.  And thank goddess I did because the moment I gave myself permission to begin was the moment I stepped into an adventure that has led me to this very moment. 

It all began with a permission slip to start before I am ready.  

I am gearing up for another adventure. This is a trip I have been waiting my whole life to take and finally this year once again was reminded, I will never be ready so I just booked that flight and the rest is history. I am headed to Ireland for a few weeks and this special trip once again signifies that friendly love tap from the Universe that I can overanalyze all I want (see above about being a Virgo) but all I need and all I have is trust.  So trust I will. 

Are you feeling an unsettledness? Are you craving to show up more in your life?  I am offering a special Virgo season discount on ALL of my coaching offers between now and September 13th (my bday!).  That is 33% off which I will leave you to think about why I chose that number. 

If you're curious about coaching and what its would be like to shift into your power, let's connect and get possible.  Remember, you're never going to be ready. It all starts with a permission slip and only you can write it. 

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