I forgot my mantra...

I chose to gift myself something special to start my yoga teacher training. I instantly connected with a @shopsankalpa amazonite necklace as it felt like a beautiful anchor to help me start this journey. Once it arrived, all week I had searched for the right words to create my intention {sankalpa} for my YTT journey that began on Friday. I kept getting stuck and second guessing myself because I wanted to so badly have the right words to express my readiness to stretch my soul.

When I walked into the studio Friday night, the words didn't come so I placed the crystal necklace in my journal. When I laid down and began to breathe in our first class, the prayer was {the time is now}. So I surrendered my striving, forgave myself and just let it be-knowing the right mantra would find me.

That evening the words came to me as if they were with me all along, I had only forgotten them. During the Saturday morning practice, the prayer was {to be open to possibilities}. I smiled the moment my teacher said it. I knew the Universe had my back. Today in our practice, I felt an unraveling. The prayer our teacher shared {I choose to be seen} sent a current through my veins. I shed sweat and tears and felt my soul awaken. Through each pose I embodied this belief and broke through any smallness left within me.

This weekend was the first of many with this powerful tribe and I couldn't be more honored to share this journey with each of them. As my teacher, Ylonda  @awaketomysoul emphasized, stepping into our power is our birthright. Showing up in our power is not arrogant and does not mean we are using it over others. It is about honoring and living from our soul. When we live from that soul connection, playing small is not an option.

Feeling aligned, grounded, open + really ready. But mostly just {extremely} grateful for these beautiful humans and this soul growing experience that has entered my life at just the right time.  I always had my mantra, I had just forgotten it. My moving out of my head, into my soul, it all came back to me.  My body maybe sore but my soul is stretched and ready to go. 

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