Let that Ish Go

Credit:  Amy Turn Sharp

I always start our Tribe gatherings with a permission slip ritual. It's how we curate our space together in order for each heartbeat to be, feel or do whatever they need. It's our starting point for authentic connection 💕

When we gathered yesterday, without any prompts, each soul sister shared something they wanted to let go of. Conversations and "me too's" were shared about our individual + collective heaviness felt this month. And for that time together, we saw permission in action. Each of us laid down what was no longer serving us, even if it was just a few hours and just allowed ourselves to be present with each other, laughing + sharing and filling our cups back up.

It's not about faking it till you make it (more on this topic soon), masking it with a smile, good vibes only or just "being positive". All of these choices minimize or hide the truth. They send a message that our shadows need to be dimmed + denies our humanness to feel a spectrum of emotions. If we press pause and give ourselves space to feel all the feels, we can then activate our power to surrender what's not longer serving us and rise up.

So if you're like us and need to let something go today, let it first start with the letting go of the belief that you always have to have your shit together. Let it be that you let go of the need to appear happy all the time. Let go of the demands others are asking of you and rather make space for you to just be you. Let that shit go. Because human looks good on you

Katie Kurtz