Soul Sister Spotlight: Sammie Fleming

The Soul Sister Spotlight is a celebration of women who are honoring their soul.  These women are committed to their personal journey and are willing to share it in all its realness.  This special blog feature is an expansion of the Soul Connect Tribe which is dedicated space for women who uplift, inspire and are redefining the way women connect.

Welcome Sammie Fleming!  

Sammie is a life coach, Reiki practitioner, and women's circle facilitator. Sammie believes that we are all worthy of calm, love-filled lives and adores nothing more than supporting women back to that sweet, sweet place. She is obsessed with the moon and weaves her passion of feminine and menstrual cycles into her coaching, allowing her clients to understand, honour and align with their own rhythms. I am thrilled to feature Sammie as she was my personal life coach and has become a true bright light in my life so I am excited to share her shine with all of you! 

Let's connect with Sammie as she shares how she stays soul connected!

I give myself permission to… Live and work in my own feminine, cyclic way.  I have always struggled with the status quo - the idea that we show up feeling the same each day, our energy linear, state of mind and efficiency unchanged day to day.  Now I allow myself to live and work alongside my own cycle, riding those sweet highs, and honouring the lower energy phases.

How do you tend to your soul? I love to challenge myself spiritually - I like to feel somewhat changed by a book or an event and am tending, more and more, to be drawn to those soul-shaking experiences that allow me to go deeper.

In my day to day I love to practice yoga.  I am devoting to one of my first truly committed meditation practices, which feels so good!  I’m loving the connection, freshness and the clarity it is bringing to my days.  I always feel a little out-of-kilter if I’ve been spending too much time either indoors, or in a city environment, and I crave getting out underneath the trees (my happy place!).

I adore creating sacredness in my spaces - lighting candles while I work, holding crystals while I coach and diffusing delicious essential oils in my home.

How do you rebel against fear? It is a constant practice, but I try to remember that anything worthwhile comes with at least a little fear.  Anything new or challenging brings up doubt (it’s the human condition!) and it’s a sensation I’m becoming more comfortable with, because if we can look at it as just that - a sensation - it loses it’s hold over us.  

When I get stuck in my head (hello fear!) I try to connect back in with my intuition, allowing my inner voice to be heard.  This often looks like breathing deep into the belly and asking myself “What do you actually want?”

Another speedy technique to rebel against fear is my motto of “Say Yes And Figure Out The Rest Later!”  Of course only to be used if you know within yourself that this opportunity or decision is right for you.  Living this way means I often don’t get a chance to go too deep into the overthinking, the doubt and comparison - rather it’s a matter of getting it done!

What does CONNECTION mean to you?  I have always valued connection, community and sisterhood highly in my life.  There is nothing more precious than our peeps!  

Connection to me means proper heart-to-heart communication.  No saying what we think “should” be said.  No being who we think we “should” be.  But standing in our own power, being seen (and loved!) as we actually are.

There is a palpable rise of the sisterhood at the moment that I know many of us are seeing.  Many people have gone without a solid community and it’s so exciting to see the pull, back to that beautiful part of life.  

Supporting other women has now become my career (hoorah!) and in all honestly, nothing brings me greater joy.

What is your favorite quote right now that’s feeding your soul?   "We rise by lifting others" {Robert Ingersoll}

Sammie resides in Melbourne, Australia. She loves guiding women who are feeling stuck, stressed or overwhelmed - into a life of calm, ease, connection and clarity.  Her mission is to guide women who are feeling disconnected from their true, joy-filled selves, back to that blissful state of knowing that they are absolutely enough, right now, just as they are. Sammie has a Bachelor of Communications and is a qualified and certified Beautiful You Life Coach.

You can connect with Sammie over at her web home:  Facebook: @sammieflemingcoaching   Instagram: @sammiesonjafleming

From the moment I first connected Sammie, it was like seeing an old friend.  I instantly felt her warmth, light and authentic energy that created a container for me to be vulnerable without fear or regret.  Sammie is offering a 6 week intimate group coaching series for women to reclaim their feminine + menstrual cycle and embody the fullest version of themselves. For more info on go to: 

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