Celebrating Over Commiserating

What if instead of creating connection over our failed attempts or shared insecurities, we instead connect about our self growth and all the ways we can support one another?

I saw an old friend this weekend and I noticed that after a brief conversation, it turned into commiserating rather than celebrating.  I got caught up in an old story that was lingering from the past and did not represent who I am today. But that's how fear works-it grips onto those old stories because it knows how easily we can revert back to these types of habits. 

As women, we have been conditioned to share and bond over what we DON'T like about ourselves rather than what we DO like about ourselves. Why is that?  Because it is a hell of a lot safer and less scary to admit our self love so we end up perpetuating the not good and the not worthy enoughs.

Soul Connect is all about redefining how women connect. My intention is that every event + gathering is carefully curated so we choose love over fear and start helping each other rise. It's hard and we will slip up (um, hello!) but that's why soul connection is an ever evolving journey.

Our {free} monthly Tribe gathering is this Thursday, July 20th at Mason's Creamery in Cleveland. We have a seat saved for you and would love to connect. Ground rules include: no weather talk (b/c that's too easy to fall back on and gets in the way of the real talk), no judgement (of self or others) and an open mind + heart. Sounds a little ambiguous? {That's on purpose} Each gathering holds its own magic, you just have to show up and see for yourself.

And for the love of personal development- I challenge you to share something your celebrating about yourself the next time you connect with another woman. That just might be the permission slip she needs to do the same

Katie Kurtz