So, what exactly do you do?

I have received this question quite a bit over the last year as I embarked on becoming a life coach. And honestly, it is one that I welcome.

I love answering this question! I love it because it allows me an opportunity to invite a person into learning about how coaching can be a catalyst for someone to inspire change in their lives.  A type of change that allows you to get possible to what living your best life is all about.

I love talking about it because I love doing it and I fiercely believe in it. 

But let's be honest, that all sounds amazing but can be really hard to conceptualize, right?  I know that when I was first introduced to coaching, I felt that way.

I was a total skeptic.  

I was in a place in my life where I was feeling really unsettled. I was looking outside of myself for all the answers-did I need to move away? Get a new job?  Take up painting? Lose weight? Get a boyfriend?  I looked everywhere for the clarity I craved except for what was right in front of me. But I created this barricade around myself that made me feel stuck and the idea of thinking that I held the responsibility to create shift in my life made me snarky and annoyed.  You know what I am talking about?  When we dig ourselves so deep that we can't see the hand reaching out to pull us back up?  I was too comfortable in the discomfort I created for myself. I knew that I had to start doing something, anything to come alive and live on purpose.   

It wasn't until I started working with a coach that I realized just how powerful a practice it is. I was hesitant and worried about letting my guard down.  It wasn't about someone telling me what to do. On the contrary, it was more about me being able to freely share what was on my mind and being stretched to think about how life could be rather than how it should be.  My coach asked me thought provoking questions that took me out of my head and into my heart to really go beyond thinking to envisioning what life can be like if I gave myself permission to begin.  To start tapping into my courage that was underneath all the stories and begin taking ownership of how I show up.  That space to share freely and not be judged or 'fixed', that was pure magic. 

After I tried it, I realized just how powerful coaching.  Even after those few sessions, I found myself continuing my own journey and reflecting and holding myself accountable long after my time was over with my coach. For me, I knew that experience was something I wanted to recreate again and again.  

So, why don't we break it down?

Let's start with coaching...

Coaching is a safe, judgment free space to set focused goals paired with inspired action to shift you from where you are to where you want to be.  Counseling focuses more on working through your past to resolve unhelpful thoughts or behaviors.  Although both coaching and counseling focus on supporting people, coaching is about looking at someone's present to their future. 

There are a lot of different styles, models and niches of coaching. I was trained with Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy which is a heart-centered program that believes that all people can reach their full potential to live a purposeful, abundant and beautiful life. In my work with BYCA, I knew that the type of coaching I wanted to focus on was to help women awaken their soul and live life courageously on their own terms. 

Let's dig into that a bit...

As a Soul Coach, I see myself as a personal trainer for your heart and soul.  I help you flex your self love muscle, condition your courage and stretch your soul.  The more we utilize these practices of vulnerability, courage, awareness, self love, authenticity, just like a muscle, the stronger they grow, allowing you to lift yourself higher than ever before. 

In coaching sessions, my clients create goals with soul. Goals that are feelings based, soul centered and light them up.  They are measured by how they desire to feel or the shift they hope to occur in the time working together.  {The feeling is the metric}

I hold you accountable and encourage you to push your comfort zones and challenge your self limiting beliefs but I also create a really safe, supportive and soul-full space.  There is no judgment or critiquing, there is no dress code or scale to measure who is appropriate for this.  You are needed and worthy and you belong. 

I full heartedly believe in the power of coaching-not just as a coach but as a frequent client. I am  deeply committed to my own evolution and believe in 'walking the talk' so I ensure I am enlisting with my own coaches on the regular to help me keep stretching and growing into my the best version of myself.  

Still have questions? Want to get your feet wet and give it a try?  I offer a complimentary, 45 minute Connection Call to introduce you to what it would be like to give yourself permission to start.  No strings attached, just an opportunity to connect. 

Ready to dive in?  Check out my coaching packages and if you are a local heartbeat, I am offering a special group coaching series in April where we will connect + hit the trails of the Cleveland MetroParks to start awakening our authentic self.  Let's connect! 

Katie Kurtz