Self Love is the Best Love

Self love real talk....

The art of loving myself, my WHOLE self, has and is a {re}evolution.  It is a canvas that is always being examined, refined, critiqued and admired. There are stories that had to be seen, unraveled, felt and healed.  There have been twists, turns and surprise endings.  

And ladies, it's not over. 

In a lot of ways, I feel like I'm just beginning. 

Because self love isn't something you ever 'finish'.  I think the most beautiful and kickass thing about being human is that we are always evolving. We always have the opportunity to learn, grow and stretch our soul.  And that kind of expansion is okay because that is why we are here. I don't know about you but I think that is awfully comforting to know that we {all 7 billion of us} are always learning and practicing life.  

No one has it all figured out. No one has it perfected. No one is done with learning from life.  Because if you're done, you're dead. 


My self love journey has been revolutionary because I have become a rebel.  When a belief that creeps into my head (and so many have-I am not enough this, I should be that, I can't do this, I don't belong here, etc)- I think the thought, I feel the feeling and then I choose to rebel.  

A feeling is not a fact. It is just our emotional response. I was on a retreat recently with my teachers Jacki Carr and Mary Beth LaRue of Rock Your Bliss and during a yoga class, Mary Beth shared a quote from the work of brain researcher Jill Bolte Taylor.  In her book she shares that the lifespan of an emotion is 90 seconds. 90 seconds?! Yet we have this ability to weave our emotions into stories that we can hold onto for a life time.  

I believe in feeling all the feels {We need to feel in order to heal} So when a feeling that goes against self love is felt, we are met with a choice: we can choose LOVE (i.e.: forgiveness, compassion, courage) or FEAR (i.e.: doubt, comparison, shame).  When we choose love, we are rebelling against fear.  Love drowns out the fear. It is a power move to reclaiming your sacred ground.  

A rebellion against fear can be grandiose for sure, but most of the time, the rebellion is made up of small acts of love that add up to an unwavering, whole hearted sense of self. Each rebellion adds a brush stroke, a splattering, a retouch of paint to that canvas of self love.

Your personal work of art.

Your own revolution.  

For when we choose love for ourselves first, we can then begin to show up bigger and brighter in the lives of others.  That kind of love is the best kind of love if you ask me.  

Cleveland heartbeats, if you are craving more real talk on self love and connection, join the Soul Connect Tribe for our heart centered collaborative Galentine's Day event this Wednesday, February 15th. There are a few spots still available, let's connect! 

Love rewards those who speak its truthbravely access its lightembrace its messchoose it relentlesslybelieve in it ferventlyand above else know its universality is what unites us as one-2.png



Katie Kurtz