Before the Rise, There's the Rumble


Do you ever see a photo of yourself and remember what was going through your head in that moment? I remember this one.

It was early 2014 and I was rumbling with an unsettledness I couldn’t shake. I was becoming more aware of how fear was holding me back in so many different ways. I knew I was on the edge of something but I just couldn’t figure out what it was. I was doing all the things I thought I should do in order to find the answers I was craving.

I remember sitting amongst 100+ yogis in the art museum and in this moment asking the Universe, my higher self, anyone who could hear me: who am I? what do I want? where am I going? The only person I forgot to ask was myself {my soul}

When I look back at this photo I smile because I was so wrapped up in my head to notice this picture was taken. But also because I remember this time in my life where I was the one thing getting in my way. I was so busy looking outside myself to yoga classes, teachers, books, podcasts-everything I thought would certainly show me the way. And real talk, those soul tools definitely helped me peel back layers of myself. But the one thing that I didn't see was that I had all the answers within me. I was the one I was waiting for. 

When I look back at this picture which brings me back to this time in my life, I don't feel regret. What I see now is that I needed to have the rumble. I needed that unsettledness in order to come alive to the power I had within me.  The tools-yoga, books, teachers, etc.- they were all there to help me get real with myself and starting asking those big questions.  I needed those tools to lean on so that I could start to trust my path, but more importantly, myself. 

I have cultivated all the teachings, tools and real life experiences and created a unique online coaching + connection program, RECLAIM.  Reclaim is an 8 week online program that will help you unravel the stories that are holding you back and braid a new narrative with clarity and courage. This space is designed for you to get real with yourself, uncover the layers that need to be peeled back, and come alive to the power that already exists within you.  You already have everything you need, now it is time to {reclaim it}.  Now is your time, we begin January 22nd.

Katie Kurtz