You DO NOT Have to Explain Yourself...

Sweet friends, lean in-I have something to share and I have a feeling if you’re like me, you may need to hear this reminder too...

Around this time of year we gather with family and see many people from different chapters of our lives. Whether it's a random run in with your old high school lab partner at Target or reaching for the same cookie as your aunt at the family party, you may get asked the following questions: How’s work? Who are you dating? Where’s the ring? When are you having kids? Have you bought a house yet? How’s that “project” going?

So here’s the thing: People are going to ask you these questions that are purely out of the small talk handbook of conversational norms or people ask because they truly care. However, some may ask you and end up projecting their own shit onto you.

If these or any other questions causes you to feel like the other person feels owed an answer, they expect an explanation or they are ready to project their pity, guilt or own insecurity bullshit onto you-you're left with a choice: you can choose to engage and likely fall down an Alice in Wonderland kinda rabbit hole of fear (🙋🏻‍♀️ been there, done that) OR you can choose not to explain yourself.

You don't owe anyone a reason for why you are still single. You don't have to reopen old scars. You don't have to share your personal story to strangers who are prying. You do not have to try and convince people why your side hustle is the work you love rather than your 9-5 gig. You don’t have to explain who you are and what you do and why you do it.

A simple yes or no or an outright diversion of any kind (eg: change subject, walk away or shove a cookie into your mouth) is acceptable. {You don’t owe anyone an explanation} Most especially if it has to do with your work, your love life, your baby making, your side hustle or your financial situation. You can be polite AND create boundaries. Both are available and possible.

You can redefine how you connect this holiday season. Without explanation. You’re exactly where you need to be. You are worthy and lovable and not broken. Be you, do you, for YOU. 

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Katie Kurtz