2017 Wasn't What I Expected...

I wasn't sure what would happen in 2017. I didn't create any resolutions or pick a word to focus on. I just jumped, feet first and held onto a string of trust that this year would be a season of becoming.

2017 was nothing like I expected because, well, I don't really know if I had any expectations. When I look back at 2017, a lot of things didn't go as planned and a lot of things happened by a stroke of divine timing, all in all, everything that has happened feels really good-like it was all meant to unfold and happen just as it did. 

In the last 365ish days I launched Soul Connect, coached several badass babes, had the great honor to introduce my inspiring teachers of Rock Your Bliss here in CLE, led monthly Tribe gatherings with incredible humans, collaborated on several events, lived outloud my mission of women supporting women, led coaching + connection at the Beauty Boost retreat and Om For the Holidays event, was featured in the Inspired Coach Magazine with my biz bestie Christine Barnes,  continued my own soul work with incredible coaches + deepened my soul connection, and was nominated for the Beautiful You CEO Shine Award.  

In the past I would be embarrassed or uncomfortable with celebrating myself. I saw it as selfish and afraid of what people would think of me. The classic, "who am I?" story. Can you relate?  But as I have evolved in my soul connect journey I have learned to truly value celebration. So before I rush into 2018, I am celebrating myself, I am celebrating this movement, I am celebrating YOU.  

What can you celebrate this year? Can you find intentional celebration in the wins AND the setbacks? 

I was with my sweet mama over the holiday and she so beautifully reminded me that celebration doesn't always have to feel or look big. And she is so right.  Celebration doesn't always mean parties and popping bottles. Sometimes it looks like speaking loving words to yourself for showing up. Because friend, you deserve the love you so freely give others. 

This year wasn't easy-there were seasons of growth and transformation, hustling with heart, unraveling and unlearning and stepping into a whole new level of personal power.  But like I say, this isn't hard work, it is heart work. I am so immensely grateful for all the beautiful souls who have entered my life this year, including you.  I am humbled by how this soul connect practice continues to evolve and transform me each and everyday.

2018 holds a hella amount of possibility. This is the year of soul stretching elevation. And it will all come in due time.  But for now, I am reflecting in deep gratitude and celebrating it all. 

Big love, all the gratitude + S O U L always-
Katie Kurtz

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