Hustling with Heart

One year ago, two things happened that totally changed my life: I graduated from the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy and I launched Soul Connect. I am honored to be featured with my soul sister Christine Barnes in the 50th edition of the inspired COACH Magazine out today. It’s surreal to read the words we wrote together and reflect back on a year of hustling with heart.

This year was one of great transformation. Right now it's like this:

  • I am beyond grateful to be surrounded by an amazing support system. 
  • I am immensely honored to hold space for clients  + a Tribe who are constantly inspiring me.
  • I am celebrating my journey as I reflect on all the phases and heart work that has gone into getting to where I am today.
  • I am privileged to be able to look out a landscape I have yet to trek and feeling really ready to get moving.

In the last year I have unraveled, transformed and deepened my soul connection. I have connected with some of the most incredible humans. I have fallen and failed, but always forward.  I have seen the magic that lies in stepping into your power and allowing your soul to lead the way.  I can only imagine what 2018 will bring. But one thing I am sure it will have are more opportunities to share what soul connection is all about and how we can all achieve it, together.

Cheers to the heart work! 

To download your FREE copy of the 50th edition of the inspired COACH Magazine, click the button below.  And to YOU my friend, thank you. Thank you for joining me on this journey. Thank you for sharing your soul. Thank you for supporting Soul Connect! 

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