I will be MYSELF

Today I had the opportunity to represent Soul Connect at the Empower U event-an intersectional feminist empowerment + celebration event. It was an all day event that offered a local makers market, music, art, and panels. Soul Connect sponsored the Reflection + Connection room where people could come in, reflect, journal and connect.

At one point, the daughter of one of the speakers joined me in the room. I sat with this 6 year old who wanted to fill out a self love manifesto that I was offering to attendees. I was the scribe while she told me her answers. When I asked her to complete the sentence: I will be... she proclaimed without hesitation “myself!”

When did we lose that immediate, instinctual and confident response? How did we forget that our main job description is to be ourselves? This fierce little lady reminded me how important this work is. Soul Connection is how we come back home to ourselves. Back to that innate authenticity that makes us whole yet always evolving. Connected to the point that when we are ask ourselves who will I be, we exclaim MYSELF

Nothing lights me up more than being able to live my mission out loud. I feel honored to be a part of this event today and grateful I have the ability and choice to represent my business at events that are promoting my values and beliefs. If intersectional feminism or intersectionality is a new term for you, I encourage you to learn more by clicking the button below to hear from the originator Kimberle Crenshaw.  (Trigger warning: this powerful talk does include discussion and images of violence against women and violence against people of color). I was introduced to this work and the importance of really understanding where this originated in a Coaching As Activism Community Study with Andrea Ranae that I am participating in. So much learning and unlearning in this course and so grateful for the space and opportunity to do this work. 

Katie Kurtz