Welcome to Soul Connect!

I am beyond thrilled to announce the official launch of Soul Connect and welcome you to our web home.  Soul Connect is devoted to holding space for YOU to connect: to your soul, to your power, to each other and to the world.  I am honored to walk along this path with you. 

This blog contains truth bombs, soul shares, Soul Sister Spotlights, and real talk about this journey of living our best life. So, let's introduce ourselves to one another. Let's move past the surface level talk and get right to the juicy, hearty, beautifully messy conversations. 

I'll start! I am Katie Kurtz-coach, writer, speaker, INFJ (for my Myers Briggs hearts), Virgo and the owner + founder of Soul Connect.   I love reading (mostly books of the non-fiction or Harry Potter persuasion), a sweaty spin class, ice cream (it's all about balance), road trips, crafting dream catchers, dance parties, and I am a sucker for great "hell yes" quotes.  I reside in Cleveland, Ohio, USA but my light shines worldwide.  Nothing lights me up more than those Universe 'aha' moments, connecting with others on a soul level, being anywhere near a body of water, and being able to use my light, voice and gifts to be of service to others.  This is my daydream turn reality and I am so ready and excited to share this space with you. Let's get possible, together. 

Your turn!  I want to know about YOU.  Who are you really? What lights you up?  What gifts do you have that you're ready to share with the world?  Share below, shoot me an email, peruse the site.  And please know: you are needed, you are worthy, you belong here.  

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