Best. Decision. Ever.


There is so much that I have appreciated and taken away from the training with the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy.  This course is not just about starting a business, making money, or selling a model to the masses.  It is and always will be about service, heart and the steadfast belief that we are all deserving and worthy of living our best lives.  The purposeful self exploration weaved in and out of this entire course is the most critical and life-changing component. 

The Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy is not just creating coaches, they are creating a groundswell of compassionate, soul driven light workers across the world who are igniting a spark to help elevate one another and encourage them to live a life that is all their own.  I could not be more honored to be a part of this community and I am incredibly grateful to call so many BYCA grads my nearest and dearest friends and lifelines.


If you feel a pull, a calling, or a definite knowing that this too is your path, this just might be the sign you have been waiting for.


My Affiliate Offer

Becoming a coach through the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I would love to connect + support you as you embark on this journey.  I believe in women supporting women to the fullest so nothing would light me up more than to celebrating you as you step into your power.

As you say a bold ‘hell yes” to living your dreamiest life, I have special offer for you when using my affiliate link...

  • Life After BYCA Coaching Series Package - This series consists of six, 1 hour bi-weekly sessions. You are ready and now is the time for you to fully step into your power and own your gifts.  When you give life to your dreams, playing small is no longer an option. This coaching series is speficially designed to guide, support and celebrate YOU as a life coach. 
  • FREE Access - to my quarterly Coaches Connecting webinars that offers space to connect with other coaches and share practical tools and support as you build your coaching business. 
  • Specially Curated Gift - At the end of our series, you will receive a specially curated gift to celebrate YOU as you embark on this incredible journey.  This gift is handpicked with you for you with your visions + goals in mind so that you feel supported and grounded as you live out your dreams. 
  • Certification - As a Certified Beautiful You Life Coach, you can use this offer as a part of your BYCA Certification process.
  • Ongoing Connection - One of the most valuable things I have received as a BYCA coach is the connections I have created with like hearted women. Surrounding yourself with people who get it but also choose to celebrate and elevate you as you start your own path is invaluable. When you have completed you coaching series, you won't just be on your own, you will have accessible connection with myself and other coaches who will be by your side and celebrate you the whole way.


How it works

To access this special {FREE} offer, you will need to be sure you use my link as the last link you click on to receive your bonus from me.  You will be able to access this special offer once the refund period of your course is over. Lastly, be sure to introduce yourself and let me know you signed up via my link so we can connect and I can begin to support you along your journey!

Katie is truly an amazing soul. She has this way of making you feel like you are the most important person when she is talking to you. She creates this beautiful energetic space where women feel like they can lay down their fears and talk vulnerably without shame or judgment. She reminds women that we are a fierce soulful tribe + that our daydreams are possible. Working with her was a dream + I so look forward to working with her again and witnessing the beautiful work she is doing in our community.
— Kara P.

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