Our soul is our divine, authentic self; our true essence; who we are after we shed the masks, the expectations, the pressures, the perfectionism, the fear, the doubt. 

Soul Coaching focuses on reminding and guiding women back to this space within themselves. 

As a Soul Coach, I help you get clear on how you want to FEEL in order to start creating inspired action to get you to where you want to be.  We will challenge the fears and help you unravel what is needed to come undone in order to awaken that authentic power within.

Soul Connect is founded on the belief that the world needs more of what YOU got.

That raw, genuine you–THAT is who I want to know and connect with. There is a beautiful story there and so many gifts to reveal and let shine.

This isn't your 'practice life', this is your {dream big + be unapologetically you} life. 



I BRING the support, the accountability, and the unwavering belief in you and your potential. 

YOU BRING the curiosity, the desire, and an open mind + heart. 

TOGETHER we create space to explore, embrace the messy, and forge a path of possibility.  

How do you want to show up + shine?-21.png


This complimentary, 45 minute Connection Call is the opportunity I offer to anyone curious about showing up for themselves. Here's your permission slip. This is the starting point for any woman seeking to gain more self awareness, tap into her light, and honor her journey. If you are curious or feel a pull in your heart to explore what it might be like to give yourself permission to do YOU-let's connect.

{This Offering Includes} Soul Connect Questionnaire // 45 minute phone call // Explore how you want to connect more with your soul // This is your chance to test the waters, see how we vibe, and determine if a coaching series is the best next step for you!  {Investment in YOU:  Complimentary. Let's Connect!}



Is there an idea, dream or goal that wakes you up at night, craving to be brought to life? This is a one time, 1.5 hour coaching session that inspires shift to get clear and possible. This is for the woman who knows what she wants but needs a sounding board and guided support so she can get to where she wants to be. This is about channeling your courage in order to crush your fear and doubt, move onward and shine.  When you give life to your dreams, playing small is no longer an option.

{This Offering Includes}  Soul Connect Questionnaire // 1. 5 hour consult Skype call // Follow up support email // 30 minute follow up phone call

{Investment in YOU: $80 USD}



This series consists of six, 1 hour bi-weekly sessions that get you out of your head and into your heart.  Sometimes the biggest thing getting in your way is YOU.  By leaning into vulnerability and opening up to what's possible, you will begin to cultivate the courage you need to show up and feel to heal.  This series is for women who are craving to put their self love on top, ready to rumble with their fear, and truly begin to align themselves with their soul.  Beautiful things start to happen when we get clear on how we want to feel and start living from that light within.

{This Offering Includes} Soul Connect Questionnaire // Six, 1 hour bi-weekly Skype Sessions // Tailored tools to tap into along your journey // Invitation to the private Soul Connect Tribe Facebook Group

{Investment in YOU: $160 USD per month OR $480 USD in full}



This series consists of twelve, 1 hour bi-weekly sessions that are for bringing visions to life. Be unapologetic in the relentless pursuit to be the best version of yourself.  By actively rebelling against the fear based thoughts and reframing fear into love, you will begin to step out of your shadow and into your light. This series is for women who are ready to rise. They are committed to transforming their daydreams into realities, delving into their self growth and own their light.  The woman who chooses this path is ready to own her life and SOAR.

{This Offering Includes} Soul Connect Questionnaire // Twelve, 1 hour bi-weekly Skype Sessions // Tailored tools to tap into along your journey // Invitation to the private Soul Connect Tribe Facebook Group

{Investment in YOU: $150 USD per month OR $900 USD in full}

Did a little fear just creep up?

Nervous about the unknown?  


All signs that there is something unsettled in your heart and you are being called to start a rumble--to start your own rebellion to take back your power and start showing up so you can reclaim your light.